Friday, December 09, 2005

Week 14 picks

With just four weeks left in the season -- NOOOOOOOOOO! -- the Down and Distance analysis and prognostication staff has compiled a healthy 132-60 record in picking games straight up. That's 68.75%, a couple notches above the magic two-thirds line that separates the champions from the chumpions. The Mirl has posted this week's slate and updated standings on The Writers' Picks. As we slide toward the postseason and more games become true must-wins, we're seeing an increase in unanimous or near-unanimous picks, some of them surprising: Carolina over Tampa Bay, Minnesota over St. Louis, New England over Buffalo, Green Bay over Detroit, Atlanta over New Orleans. I picked all those teams to win, too, but I think any of the games could easily go the other way, so it surprises me that more people didn't take a flyer on underdogs. Don't expect me to. I'm a coward.

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