Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That's not old

I snapped this photo during last week's Giants-Eagles game, then promptly forgot about it:

Turns out that screw-ups by the research staff aren't limited to the preseason after all. Not only was Jeff Feagles not the oldest player in the NFL as of last week, he's more than five years younger than the actual oldest player, Falcons kicker Morten Anderson, who just turned 47.

Assuming Feagles was in fact the second-oldest NFL player last week, now he's the third-oldest, as the Carolina Panthers, hoping to prop up the wreckage of their season, found themselves a well-aged 2-by-4 in Vinny Testaverde, who turns 44 next month and will be the oldest non-specialist in the league.

Coach John Fox says Testaverde could end up starting at quarterback against the Cardinals this Sunday, as first-stringer Jake Delhomme is out for the season with an injury, second-stringer David Carr is ailing (and is David Carr), and third-stringer Matt Moore appears to have made the roster by winning a contest. Says Fox: “Both mentally and physically, he's a guy we were fortunate enough to find at this point in the season.”

Notice how "mentally" came first. No Alzheimer's. Yet.

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