Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Week 1 at a glance

Picking the winners for the first week of the NFL season is part intuition, part intellect and entirely pointless. Nevertheless, I tried, and finished the week 9-7. That's barely better than flipping a coin, you might say. But if I'd just gone with the home teams, which is supposed to be so damned accurate, I'd have been 6-10. So get off my back. Here are some one-sentence recaps:

Pittsburgh 28, Miami 17: Daunte Culpepper looked like the Daunte Culpepper of 2005, while Charlie Batch(!) looked like the Daunte Culpepper of 2004.

Chicago 26, Green Bay 0: Brett Favre proves the doubters wrong, again, when it turns out the Packers can sink lower.

Cincinnati 23, Kansas City 10: We stopped obsessing about the state of Carson Palmer's head and started worrying about the condition of Trent Green's brain.

Seattle 9, Detroit 6 (suicide pick): Who needs the best offensive guard in the NFL when you have a kicker who can make three out of five field goals?

Jacksonville 24, Dallas 17: Jaguars started slow, finished strong; Cowboys started strong; Bledsoe finished?

New England 19, Buffalo 17: Tom Brady cost his team 7 points, while J.P. Losman cost his team only 2, but history gets written by the winners.

Arizona 34, San Francisco 27: The Cardinals were strong in several areas ... but their new $30 million tailback was not one of them.

Philadelphia 24, Houston 10: David Carr did throw more touchdown passes than Vince Young ...

Indianapolis 26, New York Giants 21: Peyton Manning throws four interceptions, but the Giants can only hold on to one of them.

New Orleans 19, Cleveland 14: Reggie Bush's long-awaited debut totally overshadows Kellen Winslow Jr.'s.

St. Louis 18, Denver 10: When you think of the Rams, you automatically think defense and the kicking game.

Baltimore 27, Tampa Bay 0: As the University of Texas goes, so goes Chris Simms.

Atlanta 20, Carolina 6: Michael Vick beats the archrival Panthers with his trademark stifling defense.

New York Jets 23, Tennessee 16: Vince Young's future moves one step closer, while Kellen Clemens' moves one step back.

Minnesota 19, Washington 16: It's a shame the Redskins didn't have some kind of "pre-season" games to get their offense in sync.

San Diego 27, Oakland 0: When you get to hand off to LaDanian Tomlinson and Michael Turner on 70% of the plays, "leading a team" gets much easier.


(2005 through Week 1: 11-5)

Down and Distance's exclusive KAPOW-ER RANKINGS are back for their second year. The product of a simple formula, the rankings have predicted 10 of the last 16 Super Bowl winners. Further, 14 of the last 16 Super Bowl winners finished the regular season No. 1 or No. 2 in the KAPOW-ER system. Unlike with other, lesser rating systems, no opinion is involved in formulating these rankings. None. Teams are ranked on a centigrade scale, with 100 representing the NFL's strongest team and 0 its weakest. Don't like where your team is ranked? Sheesh, it's only Week 1. (Key: WK1 = This week's ranking. '05 = 2005 final ranking. POW = KAPOW-ER centigrade score)
119Ravens 100.001726Bills 47.22
28 Chargers 100.001811Redskins 45.71
39 Bears 100.00196 Giants 44.68
416Falcons 76.92203249ers 44.26
523Eagles 70.592124Browns 42.42
612Bengals 69.702215Cowboys 41.46
721Rams 64.292328Titans 41.03
85 Steelers 62.222427Lions 40.00
92 Seahawks 60.002517Dolphins 37.78
1029Jets 58.97263 Broncos 35.71
117 Jaguars 58.542710Chiefs 30.30
1231Saints 57.582830Texans 29.41
1322Cardinals55.74294 Panthers 23.08
141 Colts 55.323020Packers 0.0
1518Vikings 54.293125Raiders 0.00
1613Patriots 52.783214Bucs 0.00

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