Friday, November 11, 2005

Week 10 picks

We've now got both feet in the second half of the season, and picks for Week 10 have been posted over at The Writers' Picks. Check out the stone cold badass(ssssssss) tied for sixth place out of 31 with an 86-44 record. The Mirl has added a new wrinkle this week, comparing our overall winning percentage with that of the Inside the NFL crew and the ESPN experts. As it turns out, those of us who get paid zilch to do this are outperforming the professionals. Now watch me drag us all down! It appears I've crawled out on a limb with two picks: Arizona on the road over Detroit and Philadelphia at home vs. Dallas. Last time this happened, I got my ass cheerfully handed to me. One thing interesting: For the second straight weekend, the members of the "NFL Guru" division have shied away from the consensus Best Bet. I obviously don't think Houston is going to beat Indianapolis -- and in the RCA Dome, too -- but a letdown game is certainly in the realm of possibility. I'm just more confident that the Giants will kick the crap out of the Vikings.

And now I've gone and doomed us all.

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