Friday, October 07, 2005

Week 5 picks

Oh yeah, we gots 14 more games that's ripe for the picking! My selections are on the board over at The Writers' Picks. Updated standings also posted. Bad muthafooka Down and Distance continues to hover near the top, tied with three others for fourth place out of the 32 or so folks in the game. Thank you so very much, badly flawed instant-replay system! Unlike last week, when no one did worse than 7-7 and two-thirds did 9-5 or better, I suspect Week 5 will be a little more all-over-the-board. There's only one unanimous pick: Colts over 49ers. The field seems evenly split on Ravens-Lions, Bears-Browns, Patriots-Falcons, Titans-Texans and Bengals-Jaguars. And there's significant uncertainty over Dolphins-Bills, Saints-Packers, Seahawks-Rams and Steelers-Chargers. And one brave soul picks the Redskins to beat the Broncos in Denver. Off the Internet, please, Mrs. Snyder!

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